Simplifile® Bureau - Legal Matters

Keep client matters for long-term storage without compromise to confidentiality, data protection or physical storage.

Client Archives

Archived client files may be kept on a searchable Electronic Library, based on CD. This relieves the physical storage requirements without the need to select material for destruction with the added benefit of being resilient to disaster (fire/flood).

Current Matters

When the client file is large and needs to be portable, electronic filing can provide a convenient means for carrying a large amount of material for meetings/consultations. Client confidentiality is protected by use of password access controls.


Use of suitable protected file formats on appropriate media (non-rewritable) provides information in an easily retrieved manner for use alongside original material, or in its absence.

Suitable for-

Solicitors Offices
Barristers Chambers
Offender Care/After-Care Agencies
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