Simplifile® Bureau - Health Records

Running out of Storage Space for Patient Records?

Could an Electronic Filing System Help?

Archived Files

Electronic Library of all former patients' records, including case notes, correspondence, lab reports and X-rays (to a maximum of 11"x15")

Current Patients

Run an Electronic Library of correspondence, lab reports, etc alongside your patient management systems for reference during consultation/clinics without compromising efficiency.

Clinical Studies

Keep a searchable permanent record of clinical study information conveniently on CD. Resolves the problem of long term storage, convenient access to the material and potential for future use alongside or within other research programmes. Never lose a file of piece of information. Provide resilience against disaster - e.g. fire/flood. No compromise to patient confidentiality.

Suitable for-

General Practice
Dental Practice
Private Consultancy
Clinical Research
Hospital Archives
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