Simplifile® Bureau - Education and Research

Is your Organization Overloaded with Paperwork?

We are able to help Institutions in the following ways:

Electronic library of Registry Archives

Student Records for on-line verification of attendance and qualifications.

Electronic Library of Board and Committee Records

For security and on-line reference. Ease Preparations for the next meeting, or search for information during a meeting.

Electronic Archive of Research and Test Results

Remove the paper storage problem, but retain all of the information, whether for statutory purposes or future reference by researchers, engineers and technicians.

Electronic Archive of Administration and Statutory papers.

Personal, Finance, Health and Safety, Quality Manuals.
Resolve the storage problems without compromising audit or admissibility.

Course Validation and Quality records.

Retain an Electronic Library of validated course content, approval and documentation. Use document management techniques to manage the review process.
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