Simplifile® Bureau - Confidential Material

We have handled numerous items of a highly sensitive nature and we can guarantee complete confidentiality at all stages of your project. We are experienced in handling many different types of documentation and our support staff are all completely familiar with the handling of highly confidential material. Examples of projects where confidentiality has been of paramount importance are sensitive areas such as:

Commercial Sensitivity

Medical Sensitivity

Legal Sensitivity

Personal Sensitivity

Financial Sensitivity


The directors have experience in working in professional environments and to ISO9000 standards in commercial organisations. All projects follow the Company's standard Operational Procedures. In addition, each project has Work Instructions developed that are specific to the requirements for that job to meet the client's specification. ISO9000 accreditation has not yet been applied for

Data Protection

CS-Image (Simplifile) Limited has held a Bureau Registration with the Data Protection Registrar since its incorporation in 1994, requiring the same duty of care to clients' documents, both paper and electronic, as if they were being held by the client. This type of registration remained valid until 10 November 2001. From that date the 1998 changes to the Data Protection Act did not require the renewal of the registration, we have, however, chosen to re-register, on a voluntary basis, as a Data User.


The Company is familiar with handling confidential material on behalf of all of its clients. Once processed original material is returned to clients or disposed of confidentially. All material, whether in house or client, is handled with care to minimise risk of compromise to, or loss or damage to data. All data is confidential and shall not be divulged to any third party under any circumstances without the express written permission of the data controller on whose behalf the data is being processed.
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